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East Wind

Recorded in 1992

Click on MP3 for sound clips

1. Chetvorno Horo MP3
2. The Bear's Rock MP3
3. Dance of Suleiman MP3
4. Illyrian Dawn MP3
5. Pride of Macedonia MP3
6. Antice
7. Two Steps to the Bar
8. Kadana
9. Hard on the Heels

Andy Irvine - Bouzouki & hurdy gurdy,
Davy Spillane: uilleann pipes & low whistle
Nikola Parov: gadulka, kaval, gaida & bouzouki
Bill Whelan: keyboards & piano
Anthony Drennan: guitar
Tony Molloy: bass
Paul Moran: percussion
Noel Eccles: percussion
Mairtin O'Connor: accordian
Carl Garaghty: saxophone
John Sheahan: fiddle
Kenneth Edge: saxophone
Micheal O'Suilleabhain: piano
Marta Sebestyen: vocals
Rita Connolly: backing vocals

Produced by Bill Whelan

Liner notes from Andy:

Back in 1968, I hit the road for the Balkans and spent a year and a half travelling around, sleeping in orchards, taking in the sights and the sounds and falling in love with the music and the people. I hauled a bunch of records back to Ireland, locked myself away and tried to get the hang of the rhythms. Not only have I been trying to play this music ever since, but I've been trying to get half the musicians of Ireland to play it as well.

We started out to make a Bulgarian/Jazz fusion album, but somewhere along the line that idea got dropped and we made this instead. I don't really know what you'd call it; no doubt somebody will think of a pigeon hole to put it in, meanwhile, in the words of the old song: "the music goes round and round and comes out here...."


After producing this album, Bill Whelan was so inspired by the blend of music and rhythms, he went on to write the score for Riverdance using many of the same musical themes. Many of the East Wind musicians went on to perform in the original run of Riverdance.

This is considered a pivotal world music recording and is highly recommended. 2000-2012
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