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Album cover: On the Fly


On the Fly

With this release, found band member Jacky Daly bids adieu with 2 tracks of his signature Sliabh Luachra style tunes. John Carty and Kevin Burke explore the tunes of North Connacht with rich double-fiddle sounds. Carty's flute and banjo give the group a fresh sound. Andy Irvine contributes three great traditional songs picked from his vast repertoire. Ged Foley, whose reliably excellent guitar work provides the glue, gives us a striking rendition of "The Galway Shawl."

Track list
1. Na Ceannabháin Bhána (The Little Fair Canavans)-Páidín O Raifeartaigh
2. Martin Wynne's-Jackie Coleman's-Malynn's Fancy [Reels]
3. Sergeant Small [Song]
4. Happy to Meet Sorry to Part-Old Apples in Winter-Cherish the Ladies [Jigs]
5. Seanamhac Tube Station [Air-Jig]
6. The Rich Irish Lady [Song]
7. Down the Broom-The Gatehouse Maid-Mulvihill's [Reels]
8. The Galway Shawl [Song]
9. The Long Acre-'Cuz' Teahan's [Hornpipes]
10. Erin Go Bragh [Song]
11. The Return of Spring-The Mountain Path [Polkas]
12. The Boys of Malin-John Stenson's Nos 1 & 2 [Reels]

Artists: Andy Irvine, Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Ged Foley and John Carty © 2000-2012
Page last updated: 14 October 2012