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Sweeney's Men

The first two singles were recorded for Pye Records, Dublin. Since then they have appeared on a bewildering number of compilation albums. Finally turning up on the Double CD - "The Legend of Sweeney's Men : Anthology" released by Castle Music in 2004 along with some peripheral numbers by members of the band and others.
Also "Legend" includes 5 singles made by The Capital Show Band in 1967/68. Members of Sweeney's Men may have played on some of them.

These two singles were re-released in 1972 as a Pye EP PMM.608 ''Mini Monster''
The Old Maid in the Garrett / Derby Ram (1967) -- Pye 7N 17312  
The Waxie's Dargle / Old Woman in Cotton (1967) -- Pye 7N 17459

Sullivan's John / Rattlin' Roarin' Willie (1968) -- Transatlantic TRASP 19

Sweeney's Men (1968) -- Transatlantic TRA170 (re-released in 1976 by Transatlantic TRA SAM 37)
  1.  Rattlin' Roarin' Willie MP3
  2.  Sullivan's John
  3.  Sally Brown MP3
  4.  My Dearest Dear
  5.  The Exile Jig
  6.  The Handsome Cabin Boy
  7. Dicey Riley MP3
  8. Tom Dooley
  9. Willy O'Winsbury
 10. Dance to Your Daddy
 11. The House Carpenter
 12. Johnstone
 13. Reynard the Fox MP3

The Tracks Of Sweeney (1969) -- Transatlantic TRA 200
   Andy did NOT play on the second album which was just Johnny Moynihan & Terry Woods.

Time Was Never Here (1992) Demon TDEMCD11
  Both albums but missing The Exile's Jig and Dicey Riley

Sweeney's Men / The Tracks Of Sweeney (1996)  Essential ESMCD 435
  2 albums on 1 CD plus "Old Woman in Cotton"

The Legend Of Sweeney's Men (2004) Castle Music, CMDD932
  This 2-CD set is the definitive Sweeney's Men compilation as is has the two albums in full plus both the A and B sides of the two PYE 45s from 1967 and 1968, along with four tracks by The Capitol Showband in 1966/1968 featuring (uncredited) members of Sweeney's Men.


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