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cover: MOZAIK Live from the Powerhouse


Live from the Powerhouse
April 2004

Tracks: (click for MP3 sound clips)
1. My Heart's Tonight in Ireland / Robinson County / The Trip to Durrow
2. Suleman's Kopanitsa
3. The Rocky Road to Dublin / Indian Ate the Woodchuck
4. Romainian Horă / Black Jack Grove
5. Sandansko Oro / Mechkin Kamen
6. Pony Boy / Never Tire of the Road
7. A Blacksmith Courted Me / Blacksmithereens
8. Field Hollar Medley
9. Băneasă's Green Glade
10. Smeseno Horo
11. The Last Dance

ANDY IRVINE: vocals, bouzouki, mandolin, harmonica
DONAL LUNNY: backing vocals, bouzouki, guitar bodhrán
BRUCE MOLSKY: vocals, fiddle, 5-string banjo
NIKOLA PAROV: gadulka, gaida, kaval, tin whistle, clarinet, guitar, kalimba
RENS van der ZALM: backing vocals, fiddle, mandolin, guitar

Recorded live over two shows at The Powerhouse, Brisbane, Australia, 30/31 March 2002. Produced by Donal Lunny.

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