Andy Irvine with Rens van der Zalm

Released on 13th November 2013 [AK-4]

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"Recorded live in 'the wild' in South Australia and New South Wales"

Andy and Rens van der Zalm drove through the bitter winter of July 2012 with their good friends, camped in the wilderness and kept warm by building camp fires out of old railway sleepers. Slept in swags, drank Cooper's Sparkling Ale and recorded an album in old historic woolsheds, shearers quarters and old forgotten schoolhouses!

"The choice of songs was largely from our shared repertoire but I had always had a desire to record Australian songs, which I love" - Andy

Produced by Andy Irvine & Rens van der Zalm

Andy Irvine: vocals, bouzouki, mandola & harmonica
Rens van der Zalm: guitar, mandolin, fiddle, viola & backing vocals
"The Parachilna Parrots" - Roger Hargraves, Ian Stewart & Louise Woodhouse: backing vocals on track 7

Parachilna Recording Diary: The Romance of the swag diary >>click

Track list:
1. I wish I was in Belfast Town (Trad. arr. Andy Irvine) 5:13
2. Come to the Bower (Trad. arr. Andy Irvine) 5:06
3. Billy Far Out (Andy Irvine) 3:34
4. Sergeant Small (Trad. arr. Andy Irvine) 4:04
5. The Dandenong (Trad. arr. Kate Burke / Andy Irvine) 4:41
6. Braes of Moneymore (Trad. arr. Andy Irvine) 4:02
7. Outlaw Frank Gardiner (Trad. arr. Andy Irvine) 3:28
8. He Fades Away (Alistair Hulett) 3:58
9. Farewell to Kellswater (Trad. arr. Andy Irvine) 5:27
10. Douglas Mawson (Andy Irvine) 6:40
Lyrics are from HERE