Andy Irvine Solo & Collaboration

Andy Irvine Solo & Collaboration
Through all the years of playing with various bands, Andy has maintained his individualism and singular passion for songs and music that stretch the boundaries of traditional music. Whether it be blending Eastern and Western European traditional music together; carrying the immigrant and exile songs of the Irish diaspora back to Ireland and around the world; or being a persistent voice for social justice and a reminder of the joys and sorrows throughout our human experience, Andy has always stood apart. Often called "a tradition all his own," he defies classification and categorization other than as a musician strongly rooted in the traditional music of all people.

Andy's first solo album was recorded for Tara Records in Dublin who later sold the rights to Wundertute Records in Germany. He made his second for Green Linnet Records of Connecticut, USA. It is now released by Compass Records, Tennessee, USA. His subsequent CDs have been released on AK Records - his own label.


Andy Irvine 70th Birthday DVD

ANDY IRVINE 70th Birthday Concert at Vicar St 2012 - DVD

Solo Albums

Old Dog Long Road

Old Dog Long Road - Vol.2

2020 [AK-9]

Old Dog Long Road

Old Dog Long Road - Vol.1

2019 [AK-8]



(2010) AK-3

Way Out Yonder

Way Out Yonder

(2000) AK-2

Rain on the Roof

Rain on the Roof

(1995) AK-1

Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening

(1991) Compass - GLCD 1114

corner boys

Rainy Sundays... Windy Dreams

(1980) Wundertüte TÜT 72.141

Collaboration Albums

Live in Telemark

with Lillebjørn Nilsen "Live in Telemark" 18th June 2021

Jenta i Chicago (The Girl in Chicago)

with Lillebjørn Nilsen "Jenta i Chicago" 2021

Precious Heroes

with LUKE PLUMB "Precious Heroes" (2018)AK-7

AK Records

Andy Irvine 70th Birthday Concert CD

"Andy Irvine 70th Birthday Concert CD" (2014)AK-5

at Vicar St. Dublin - with Sweeney’s Men / Mozaik / Andy Irvine & Paul Brady / LAPD


With Rens van der Zalm " Parachilna " (2013) AK-4

Recorded Live in “the wild” in South Australia and New South Wales

East Wind

With Davy Spillane & Bill Whelan " East Wind " (1992)

Tara Records

Parallel Lines

With Dick Gaughan " Parallel Lines " (1992)

Originally recorded for Wundertute Records. Leased to Appleseed Records for North America.

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady

With Paul Brady " Andy Irvine & Paul Brady " (1976) LUN CD 3008

Originally recorded for Mulligan Records, Dublin. Acquired later by Green Linnet and now released by Compass Records.


Songbook Never Tire Of The Road

Songbook "NEVER TIRE OF THE ROAD" Translated into Japanese by Motoyuki Shibata

Published by Himaar, Japan (March 2020)

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 40th Anniversary Tour Programme

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady 40th Anniversary Tour Programme

signed by Andy & Paul

Andy Irvine Aiming for the heart

Songbook "Aiming for the heart" Heupferd Musik Publishing, Germany

ISBN 3-923445-01-6 Issued in 1988; reissued in June 2007



Unfinished Business - Paul Brady (2017) Proper Music PRPCD144
Andy plays harmonica on “The Cocks Are Crowing” and harmonica & mandola on “Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender”.

Man & Myth - Roy Harper (2013) Bella Union Andy plays Mandola & Bouzouki on “Heaven Is Here”.


Undiscovered Country - Lindsey Horner (2010) ArtistShare AS0105
Lindsey Horner who played double bass whole through Andy's 4th solo album "Way Out Yonder". Andy sings and plays mandola, bouzouki and harmonica on "In the Garden" and "John Barlow".

Music of Ireland - Welcome Home (2010) DVD&CD
Andy & Dónal perform "The Blacksmith / Blacksmithereens" in a great version with Moya Brennan & others.

Master of Tradition (2009) RTÉ Lyric FM
Andy sings "My Heart's Tonight in Ireland".

Dear Irish Boy - Marianne Green (2009) Glas Records MEGCD02-EP
Andy arranges, plays accompaniments and produce this album.

We can create - Maps (2007)
Andy's guitar part from "Willy of Winsbury (1968)" is used as a sample on "To the Sky". Also available as remix on "Cathedral Classics Vol.1".

Resonances -Peter Ratzenbeck (2007) - Woodcraft Productions, WP-963
Andy sings "As I Roved Out"

Folk Awards 2005 (2006) -Proper Folk
Planxty's "The Good Ship Kangaroo" is included.

The Wildlife Album (2005)
A Charity CD with Andy performing "Moreton Bay" with 'His Australian Friends' - James Fagan, Nancy Kerr, Kate Burke and Ruth Hazleton. Ian Anderson plays Indian Bamboo Flute.

The Box Set 1964-2004 - Christy Moore (2004)
Andy plays on four tracks.

Overseas : Sula & Andy Irvine (2004) Tuti Records
Andy play with Danish band

The Gold of Ireland (2003) Some Legal(?) bootleggers
Andy sings and plays Hurdy Gurdy on "As I Roved Out"(titled 'As I Rode out') with what sounds like Dónal on bouzouki, guitar and fiddle. It's a live recording from God knows where. Also a recording of a live concert with Mick Hanly singing "John Barleycorn". This would be from about 1977. Planxty(c1974) appear on 4 tracks - 2 of them identical with "As I Roved Out" again (possibly from Planxty 1983).

The Missing Liberty Tapes - Paul Brady (2002) Compass Records
Recorded live at Liberty Hall, Dublin on 21 July 1978 to launch Paul's album "Welcome Here Kind Stranger". Andy plays on all the tracks.

Tanz & Folk Fest - Rudolstadt (2001)
Andy & Dónal play "The Blacksmith / Blacksmithereens".

Ptic - Vlado Kreslin (2000)
Andy plays bouzouki on the title track of this Slovenian singer's album.

Live From Halkaer Kro Festival (2000) Halkaer Records
Andy performs "My Heart's Tonight in Ireland".

Cork Folk Festival : Archive (2000)
Patrick Street play a set of reels from 1999.


Travelogue -Peter Ratzenbeck (1997) - Shamrock Records, 1043-2
Andy sings ''Brackagh Hill''

Celtic Music Live From Mountain Stage (1997) Blue Plate Records BPM-311
Andy sings "Never Tire Of The Road" live from the Radio Show in NC.

On the Periphery - Gerry Hallom (1997)
Andy plays harmonica on several tracks. pub. William Boyd Music

The Roots of Riverdance - Bill Whelan (1997)
Andy plays bouzouki and mandolin on several tracks.

8th Festival Interceltico - Porto, Portugal (1997)
Patrick Street's concert

Common Ground (1996)- EMI
Andy contributes "My Heart's Tonight in Ireland" with Dónal Lunny, Rens van der Zalm, David Hayes and Eoghan O'Neill, with Rita Connolly, backing vocals

Sur les Quais de Dublin Gilles Servat - Columbia (1996)
Andy sings harmony on "When last I saw you".

Guinness Celebration of Irish Music (1996) ABC 4798122
Andy sings ''The West Coast of Clare'' with Dónal Lunny, Liam O'Flynn, Arty McGlynn and Nollaig Casey. He also plays Harmonica on Nollaig’s song ‘’A Stór mo chroí.’’

Celtic Folk Festival (1996) Munich MRCD183
A compilation of recordings made at live concerts in Holland in 1980 and 1982. Andy's two tracks are from the later date in Utrecht. ''The Creggan White Hare'' and ''The Plains of Kildare'' both with Gerry O'Beirne from a live concert in Utrecht in 1982.

The Given Note - Liam O'Flynn (1995) Tara 3034
Andy contributes ''Come with me over the Mountain'' followed by his jig ''A smile in the dark''.

Outremer -Peter Ratzenbeck (1995) - Shamrock Records, 1028-2
Andy sings ''My Heart's tonight in Ireland'' and ''I wish I was in Belfast Town''

The Celtic Heartbeat Collection Atlantic (1995) Celtic Heartbeat 7567-82732-2
"Chetvorno Horo" from "East Wind".

Melisma - Apodimi Compania (1992) Brunswick Records in Melbourne BRCD17
Andy doesn't actually appear on this album but the band recorded his tunes, "Take no Prisoners" and "Old Brunswick" --here entitled "Andy Irvine's" and "Old Brunswick Town" which were written for them.

The 10th Irish Folk Festival (1991) --
with Patrick Street

Over The Years -Peter Ratzenbeck (1990) - Shamrock Records, 1004-2
Andy sings "An Irish Dream" and "Aragon Mill"


Homeland - Apodimi Compania (1986) LP/CS Brunswick Records in Melbourne
Andy plays 4 tunes with the Greek band, then living in Melbourne and sings "John Barlow"

Ordinary Man - Christy Moore (1985)
Andy plays on two tracks.

The Time has Come - Christy Moore (198?)
Andy plays on one or two tracks(?).

Folk Friends 2 (1980) Folk Freak FF403003,
Available on CD. Catalog number is Wundertute, TUT 72.150 rec. 1980, rel. 1981 for FRG, incl. West Berlin, GDR, Austria and Switzerland German only;This was a double LP, recorded in Northeim Germany in 1980. Andy sings a Woody Guthrie song ''Seamen Three'' and ''Captain Colston'' with Dick Gaughan. He also plays on a track by Wizz Jones.

As I went over Blackwaterside - Mick Hanly (1980)
Andy plays on three tracks.

High Kings of Tara (1980) Tara LP
Apart from a set of reels and "The Bonny Light Horseman" by Planxty that went later included on the CD of "After the Break". Andy contributes a song - "General Monrow" with Dónal Lunny.

Nyon Folk Festival 1979 (1980)
A live album from Switzerland. Planxty play a live version of "Smeceno Horo".


Welcome Here Kind Stranger - Paul Brady (1978)
Andy plays on three tracks.

The 5th Irish Folk Festival (1978) -- Wundertute TUT 72.74781-2
German-only double LP; features 6 exclusive live tracks from Andy Irvine, Liam O'Flynn & Mick Hanly. Andy sings 'The Longford Weaver'

The Gathering Greenhays (1977) GR705 rec. 1977, rel. 1983 for FRG, incl. West Berlin, GDR, Austria and Switzerland
This was recorded in 1977 as a favour for Diane Meek (née Hamilton) who was something of a patron of traditional music in Dublin at the time. She formed a small record company called ''Srutháin'' that she intended to release this album on but for some reason didn't get round to it till she was back in the States some years later. The credits as to who played what are erroneous in the sleeve notes. Andy sings ''There's sure to be a row'' with Paul Brady and ''The Mall of Lismore" with Triona Ni Dhomhnaill. He also plays Mandolin and Harmonica on Paul Brady's ''Heather on the Moor''

The 4th Irish Folk Festival - On The Road (1977) -- Wundertute TUT 72.74771-2
German-only double LP; features exclusive live tracks from Andy Irvine & Mick Hanly --originally released by Intercord. Andy sings 'Johnny Cope' and 'Bonny Woodhall' (This version of 'Bonny Woodhall' is a bonus track on the Wundertute CD release of 'Rainy Sundays…Windy Dreams')

The 3rd Irish Folk Festival (1976) -- Intercord double LP
Andy was briefly a member of De Dannan who played one side of an LP in this set. It features 5 exclusive live tracks by De Dannan. Andy sings 'Martimas Time', 'The Emigrant's Farewell' and 'Plains Of Kildare'.

The Iron behind the Velvet - Christy Moore (1976)
Andy plays on most tracks.

Silly Sisters - Maddy Prior & June Tabor (1975)
Andy was part of the backing band.


Heavy Petting - Dr.Strangely Strange (1968)
Andy plays on one track.

Summer Solstice - Tim Hart & Maddy Prior (1967)
Andy plays on one or two tracks.

Thanks to Patrick Hurley for corrections and additions!!